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Memory Stones

White Memory Stones For Joni
and her dog, Roscoe
In Honor and Memory
of her Dad and her Husband Tim


Well, I found this book lurking under the TV & thought AH-HA!, I can read about other people's adventures.  But as you can see, I'm the 1st to write in here.  So here's my story how I ended up in the "Dancing Stones" cabin.
My father died on Jan. 27, this year.  It was not something any of us were prepared for.  My whole family was shaken up by his passing.  Dad loved to be outdoors.  He hunted and fished.  We camped every year that I can ever remember.  He always had "boy toys", boats, skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers, tents, guns, fishing stuff.  He loved the Woods, the Mountains & the Water.  On April 4th, Easter Sunday, at 9:00 am my husband Tim of 30 years passed away after a 1 1/2 year battle with lung cancer.  My heart is breaking again as I write.  Although we knew the end was coming none of us were prepared.  One time the Dr. asked me if I'll ever be ready for Tim to die.  NO! And I'm still not ready to let him go.  Tim loved the outdoors too.  Not the same as Dad.  He preferred to go off tent camping by himself with a few books and just be outdoors alone.  As we raised our kids, we did go on many family camping trips.  A number of times we came to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  One year my parents came with us. 
One of our favorite places to spend an afternoon at was "The Orchard" at Alta Pass.  Now, this  brings me to this trip.  Dad & Tim were both cremated.  I started at Mile Post #1 and at every 50 miles I put some of Tim & Dad there.  I put some at the Orchard also.  As time goes by, the ashes will get washed out by the rain.  Animals will walk over them and leave little traces of them all over the mountains.  Birds will pick some up as they feed and wander helping to spread their ashes around.  They will always and forever be a part of these mountains.  About 4 weeks after Tim passed, a stray dog wandered into my life and my heart.  I believe Tim & Dad sent him to me to take this journey with me.  He has been a wonderful companion.  Roscoe is a blessing to me.  We will be here 2 days then heading back to reality.  I'm glad I did this for Dad & Tim, but mostly I suppose, it was for me.
I miss Tim very much & it hurts even more because  I can't go to Dad to make it all better. 
Today, I went and wandered around Cherokee.  It was fun.  I would think in the summer & on weekends, it would be packed.  I will be leaving tomorrow to go back home after being gone for 4 weeks.  It would be nice if I could stay 1 or 2 more nights.  I do think I would like very much to come back.  As much as Tim would have really liked it here, I have no memories to battle with.  I'll be leaving ashes of Dad & Tim by the stone fountain. As you pass by, say Hello, wish them luck on their after life journey.  Enjoy your stay here & tell us how you ended up at "Dancing Stones" cabin.
Joni & Roscoe
September 2010

Cherokee Indian Historic Log Cabin
Cherokee Indian Historic Log Cabin

Dancing Stones Log Cabin.  Seven Pine Tree Drive.  P.O. Box 289, Cherokee, North Carolina 28719

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