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Cabin People Notes

Note From Arizona Jane:  There are many, many more notes in the book at the cabin that have not been posted here in the past few years.    I am extremely grateful for the kindness you have shown me during the lost of "My Jack" in February, 2017.  It has been a difficult journey and there were times that I didn't think I could go on with renting the cabin.  It was one of Jack's favorite places when he couldn't be in the Woods.  Thank you Cabin People.  You have kept me going. (February, 2020)


 "Considering a stay at Dancing Stones? There is no way to convey in words the enchantment of this cabin and its setting. To the eye, it is a journey back in time -- with 3 other cabins nestled in their own pockets in these woods and the one-room church in view, the time warp is so effective that just the mile or so cruise into the outskirts of Cherokee is a culture shock. The musty scent of old wood and earth completely compliments this rustic retreat to a by-gone era -- when integrity counted; when our elders knew the important skills for survival in the woods, and we counted on them to teach us; when fiddle and banjo rang out through the woods. The roots of this cabin are to be treasured as much as the retreat it provides. These woods are sacred. This little cabin has a history. And it has been saved for future generations by honorable elders.
You will find everything you could possibly need for comfort and convenience here. But your treasure will be found by simply sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch or side deck. Listen to the leaves. Feel the rain. Watch the fireflies. Smell the woods. Let this magic place caress your heart and sink into your bones. You will never "recover." And you won't want to.
We had no knowledge of the coming storm (Isaac) until you mentioned it that Sunday night after we arrived. But upon our arrival, we already knew that leaving after only 2 nights would be way too soon for this precious place. We are so grateful that the cabin was available for the week of the hurricane. Our cancelled plans for Mississippi and Louisiana could never compare with the loving embrace of that cabin in those woods. We will treasure this first experience in the Smokies for the rest of our lives; and
I'm sure we'll be back. I hope your journey to Tahlequah, Oklahoma was swift and safe, and that your family reunions were all joyous occasions. And please, take good care of your health -- we hope to spend more time with you in the future!" Gail Waggoner and Steve Taylor from Lafayette, Colorado

"Arizona Jane, We can't describe the most refreshing and rewarding experience of staying in your cabin during the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Which by-the-way, the weather was perfect.  60's to 30's @ night.  Your cabin renewed the love we have for God, Country, Nature, each other and the beauty of the North Carolina Mountains and surroundings.  So enjoyed making a fire in the fireplace in the morning to last the whole day until the next morning with only a poke or two in the early morning and adding another log to keep it going.  So enjoyed also the loft, looking down at the fireplace.  We put 3 flat stones in various places throughout the inside to represent 3 most wonderful days with memories to last a lifetime.  Thank you for giving us a little bit of heaven to take back home with us.  With Renewed Love."  North Carolina

"Take away our modern day technologies.  Sleeping in the loft and maintaining a fire for heat 24 hours a day for 3 days gave me a hint of what my forefathers went through just to survive.  Respectfully."  North Carolina 

"My Renewal Retreat, Renewal.  Peace.  Renewed Confidence.  These are the gifts I am taking with me from this beautiful place.  "Dancing Stones" has truly brought me the healing I came here for.  Although it is not easy for me going through the trials in life that I am going through right now, this lovely little cabin, as well as the beautiful area around it has brought me in every way, the healing I needed.  I had reached a point where I have felt as if the "walls" were closing in on me.  But then I found this cabin on-line and indeed, I felt this place calling me!  Now I know that it is not only this cabin, but the mountains around it as well.  I cannot describe it, but I know this beautiful, peaceful place is calling me.  I have found such peace and healing here that I feel somehow that this place is home to me.  Perhaps I will call these mountains home one day.  But until then, I will carry back with me the healing, renewal, and renewed sense of who I am.  I did everything I needed to do here and it has been a truly wonderful experience.  Two or three times, the "healing room" just put me to sleep.  My favorite CD was the "Native Healing" one.  I highly recommend this one.  It brings a feeling and atmosphere of peace to the soul and at the same time, I felt the history of the Cherokee People.  I walked through the cabin before I left and left my blessing, so that it is my prayer that all of those who come after me can enjoy the same healing, renewal, and peace that I have found here.  Thank you, Arizona Jane for sharing this beautiful place with me during a time in my life that I needed it so much.  I will treasure the memories for a long time, and I leave here a new person.  I definitely will be back some time in the future!  Many blessings of peace to you and your family, Arizona Jane!  And to those who come here after me, may you enjoy it as much as I have!"  Benson, NC (Near Raleigh)

"Dearest Arizona Jane, the clock down stairs has just struck midnight and that means in a few short hours I will be heading North.  What a sweet little cabin you have here, Arizona, everything is perfect and I will miss it, but the peace it has brought will stay in my heart forever.  The people of Cherokee are such kind, friendly folk, precious people.  Met some sweet doggies too!  Hope to return soon.  Take Care & God Bless.  P.S. I checked for nuts in the drawers before I left and didn't find any!!  Can't believe we fell for that!!  You are funny!"  Shelbyville, Indiana

"Jane, Thank you for a great get away once again!  It's hard to believe this is our third trip to this wonderful place!  It feels like coming home.  It gets harder to leave every time I visit.  I've been telling friends and family about this lovely little cabin, but part of me wants to keep it for myself.  I'm so happy you wanted to share it!  If God has a favorite place in the world, this must be it."  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"Jane, Thank you for allowing us to get away to such a peaceful place!  This was like no other vacation that I have ever been on!  It was actually very relaxing!  Your cabin is very beautiful & I hope to stay here again!  It was so nice out by the fire & everyone around was friendly.  Thanks again for the wonderful vacation!"  Blackstock, South Carolina

"I adore this place!!!  I feel so blessed to have spent these days here and I want to come back in the fall.  Great experience for my grandchildren.  Thank you for sharing this space.  Peace & Love."  Adairsville, Georgia

"Morning has always been my favorite time of day so I chose to write this on our last morning.  Sitting on the back porch in the rocking chair with a cup of coffee is so peaceful!  At this point, it had been over a year since I had seen my mom & almost a year since I had seen my daughter.  We (Mom and I) had managed to keep it a complete secret for a couple of months.  My daughter was TOTALLY Surprised!  For my daughter, learning about some of her ancestry has been interesting.  She has learned so much and even participated in a Cherokee Friendship Dance.  Mom and I have learned so much as well.  This cabin is absolutely amazing.  When we pulled up in the driveway, we were immediately in awe.  Then we came inside and were in awe again.  The peace and tranquility that is offered here, from the sounds of the fountain in front, the sound of the river, and the sounds of nature, are all completely amazing.  It has been chilly the last couple of nights, so we were even able to build a fire.  Last night we even roasted marshmallows and made smores.  I found myself wondering about the people who originally lived here and if they enjoyed the peace as much as we have.  The most important thing we have found though is the connection between ourselves.  This entire trip, but especially here at the cabin, has brought us all closer.  We have rebonded and restrengthened our relationships with each other.  We have also made memories that we will all share for the rest of our lives.  We have all agreed that we will have to return to this cabin again!  Thank you Arizona for letting us have the privilege of sharing part of your family history!  This has been an absolutely amazing experience and we look forward to returning!"  3 Generations from Virginia, Texas and Oklahoma

"Well this is our 24th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe how the time has flown by.  Our daughter found this wonderful little cabin for us.  It has been a very nice trip.  The cabin is great and Arizona Jane is a nice and welcoming lady.  We love the Cherokee area, and have been coming here for 24 years now.  Our 80 acres we own has part of the Trail of Tears road on it.  Our neighbor found a lot of Indian arrowheads there."  Alabama

"Dear Arizona Jane, We couldn't have asked for a better way to relax and get away from it all then spending the week in your charming cabin.  It truly is a gem!"  Washington, DC

"Dear Arizona Jane, My first trip to Cherokee was about 15 years ago.  When I was driving through the mountains, I started to cry.  The mountains were another sign I was where I was meant to be.  When I saw Dancing Stones and opened the front door, I went in every room and I just kept saying over and over, "I can't believe how cute this is!"  Everything that I've experienced on this trip and everyone that I have met was in Divine Order.  Arizona Jane, I am so glad I got to meet you before I left.  I love your Little Notes, the CD selection, the clock chimes and when the Crystals turn on.  Thank you for making Dancing Stones feel better than home.  I will return and bring my dogs with me.  They will love it in the mountains.  Thank you again for letting Dancing Stones be a part of my journey."  Orlando, Florida

"Dear Jane, Thank you!  That's short but holds a lot of Heart Felt Thanks for this retreat!  Hope we meet again!"  Monroe, North Carolina

"Ms Arizona Jane:  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful cabin with us.  This place is truly amazing.  We had such a great time, very relaxing.  Again, thank you so much."  Ridgeland, South Carolina

"Arizona Jane - Thanks for the great place!  Loved the healing rocks, hot stones & rain on the tin roof."  Knoxville, Tennessee

"Dear Arizona Jane, We have enjoyed our time here immensely.  Just the Quiet and Serenity we were hoping for.  This cabin and its history is such a treasure.  You've done a beautiful job restoring it and the attention to detail and artfulness of it all is just lovely.  Thank you so very much for everything.  We hope to be back before too much time passes."  St. Charles, Missouri

"Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity.  It was pleasure to meet you.  Taking home about 12 trout.  A couple of rainbows about 17 inches.  Despite the weather, it was a great trip.  Saw the elk herd finally on the way out Monday.  Thought I was in a State Farm commercial.  There were 15-18 animals in the middle of the road licking salt.  How majestic!  Could have reached out and touched them.  The cabin was just awesome and I felt I had been there in another life. I will be back."  WPAFB, Ohio

"Hello Arizona Jane, I returned home to Florida on Saturday.  You exemplify your deep spirituality and advanced consciousness with your warm and gracious ways.  You are such a beacon of light and it made a tremendous impression on me." Apoka, Florida

"Dear Jane, We both thank you for the use of your home.  We have enjoyed it so much.  It will be something we'll always remember.  We'd like to come back as soon as we can.  Thank you again for such a wonderful place to stay."  Elijay, Georgia

"We are three sisters, two of us from Central West Virginia; the third of us is from South Carolina.  We come here to Cherokee each year so we can spend some time together--just a sisters week.  The cabin is beautiful.  We visited Mingo Falls, walked the River Trail, rode bikes and shopped (a lot) in Cherokee.  We enjoyed coffee on the porch and the sound of rain on the roof.  Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us.  We had a wonderful time."  Central West Virginia and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"As always when we have stayed here, every thing was perfect.  Just enjoyed sitting out on the back porch and listening to the River.  Took our pup, Rosco to town.  Every one was friendly with him and us.  Also at some of the stores, I would sit outside while my wife shopped, but at most of them they said you can bring the pup in too.  We enjoyed our stay very much.  The only thing - It was over too soon.  Hope to be back soon."  Haleyville, Alabama 

"Thank you for sharing your log cabin with me.  It was awesome!"  North Carolina

"Dear Arizona, We can't thank you enough for helping to make this one of our most memorable anniversaries.  The cabin was so quiet and cozy and you and Zane made it so memorable.  Again, Thank You!"  South Carolina

"I came here 2 years ago, broken, in turmoil, and in much need of the healing that this beautiful place provided me.  Now, I sit here 2 years later, all cozy out here in the chair on the back porch, snuggled up in the blanket, sipping my coffee as I write about the wonderful, renewing experience my new husband and I have had here.  The healing and renewal this wonderful little cabin brought me the first time I was here helped me to realize who I am and is part of my journey that eventually led me back to the love of my live.  We were high school sweethearts back in 1983 for a short time before we walked away from each other, being young, rebellious and foolish.  We went to our high school prom in 1983 and he drove my car.  Then we walked away never knowing we were walking away from a love that was meant to be.  Now, 31 years later, the grace of our Lord and Creator has brought us back together, and we realized we never should have walked away from each other.  We were married in Gatlinburg on Tuesday, December 23rd and after a couple of days there we came here.  So I brought the love of my life here, back to this place so that he too could experience the peace and healing and renewal it offers.  It has truly been a wonderful honeymoon that we have shared together here, and we have truly enjoyed it.  Thank you so much, Arizona Jane for sharing this place with us.  It has truly been a wonderful conclusion to our Smoky Mountain Christmas as we begin our lives together as husband and wife and we will certainly be back!  Before we left, I found the little book in the basket upstairs about "Finding Your Acorn" and I truly believe I have found mine, in so many ways. Part of the wonderful ways I have begun realizing my full potential is, I have since my last stay here, self-published 2 books.  They are available on Amazon and B&N:  "Return To Freedom, Voices in The Wind" and "River of Secrets, Summer of the Roses".  So if you would like, you can check them out.  You should recognize the image of the rocking chair on the back of cover of "River of Secrets".  The best highlight of our honeymoon experience here was just the time we spent, just cozying up by the fire.  We changed our wedding vows to say that we will love one another "for eternity".  Thank you again, Arizona Jane for the wonderful experience we have had here!  We will definitely be back.  Oh, and as for my books, of course I will need to change the name on them out.  I think you will enjoy them, Arizona.  I will send have to send you a signed copy of them as my gift to you, once I change the name on them to my new name!  Thanks again, Much Love and Until Next Time, Keith and Flossie."  Angier, North Carolina

"As many before me, Dancing Stones found me, in my quest for some serenity, peace and healing.  When I sat on the porches of Dancing Stones, I felt peaceful and calm.  The love of past Spirits who have inhabited these walls make a person feel at home and welcome.  It was easy to redirect from negativity to a place of hope and promise.  Life goes on, continues, just as the agelessness of the mountains.  Thank you, Arizona Jane, it was the beginning of knowing I was in the right place at the right time.  Thank you and your family and ancestors for sharing this warm, loving, sacred space.  Sgi."  North Carolina

"Arizona, Thanks so much for everything.  The cabin was amazing and all that we could ask for.  The whole family loved everything about it and can't wait to come back again.  We absolutely loved it.  Thanks again."  

"Jane, Thank you for letting us rent your cabin.  It is a very lovely place.  We enjoyed it so very much.  We did a lot of things, riding & looking, taking pictures & seeing the Elk was so pretty to see.  Never seen one in real life.  We played at the casino, it was fun but did not win anything, but it is a beautiful place.  We enjoyed seeing the snow, it was beautiful as you know we do not get much snow in Alabama.  We drove thru Cades Cove and saw deer.  The place is pretty.  It's hard to say in words just how much this trip meant to be away from home & worries & just to rest & see all God's Beauty. Thanks again for everything.  We hope you have a great year.  We hope we can come again later on this year."   Birmingham, Alabama.  (02/2016).

"We loved cabin.  Had a great time.  Even our dogs loved it here.  We sat out on the porch with them.  We had everything we could need here.  Very plesant stay.  Hope to come back again sometime.  Thank you so much for this peaceful time."  Knoxville, Tennessee (03/2016).

"Hi, Jane, Thank you for allowing us to stay here at this awesome cabin!!  My grandchildren love the outdoors and anything associated with nature and history.  It was such a pleasure and we look forward to the next stay!"  Johnston, South Carolina (03/2016).

"We love it here.  Little boys had a great time.  Put a rock beside the healing fountain for my daughter."  Dickson, Tennessee (04/2016). 

"Jane, What a great place you have here!  Thank you for letting us stay.  We enjoyed everything, seeing the Elk and Mountains!  Thank you for the nfo on the ATV riding."  Dunnelion, Florida (05/2016).

"How much I have enjoyed this visit, delightful cabin, Love Dancing Stones, such a surprise.  Sunday, June 26, 5:30 pm, wind blowing, leaves flying all over and what a down pour.  Such a great sound on the tin roof.  Jane, Thank you so much, this has been a special visit."  Greeneville, Tennessee (06/2016).

"Thanks again, Arizona Jane, for another wonderful renewing, healing visit to this peaceful cabin.  It was good to see you again.  We were here for the PowWow and the "Unto These Hills" Drama.  It was all great and we had a wonderful time, but one of the most rejuvenating experiences we always look forward to is the peace and quiet and revewal we always experiene here. Thanks again for sharing it with us.  Four years ago, I came here, alone and in much need of the healing I found when this place first called me here.  Now, here I am two years after I first came back, here with the love of my life for our honeymoon when we were married Dec. 23rd, 2014, in Gatlinbury.  We closed out our time here with an evening sitting outside by the fire, listening to the crackling of the fire, the breeze blowing through the trees, and the water running in the fountain by the stones.  This lovely little place you have shared with us has been a part of new beginnings.  We have now come to think of it as our 'home away from home', and we will certainly be back sometime in the future."  Dunn, North Carolina (07/2016).

"I am so glad I got to make a return visit and bring my parents.  They really enjoyed it - as did my furbaby, Lupi.  It is beautiful & peaceful.  I love the culture and scenery.  I'm sure we'll be back - it's so hard to leave!"  Missouri (08/2016).

"Arizona, this is a beautiful & peaceful sanctuary to visit.  We absolutely love it here!  We will be back soon since the drive is so short.  It's so quite & beautiful as well as peaceful.  We were talking about how easy this place can spoil people, so no wonder everyone returns so frequent.  Thanks for sharing this place with us and everyone else.  We will be touch with more reservations in the near future!"  Knoxville, Tennessee (08/2016).

"Jane, Thank you very much for the opportunity of staying in your cabin.  It is a wonderful place that is full of your heritage and history.  We look forward to return visits to your Little Cabin in the future!"  Mathews, North Carolina (08/2016).







"Jane and Jack, Thank you so much for everything.  Your hospitality is unsurpassed.  It was really wonderful having the fire in the stove on Saturday night.  Hope to be back in the Summer or October.  Saw elk 4x and got some great pics.  The trout beat me this time.  Thanks again."  2nd Visit.  WPAFB, Ohio

"Dear Arizona!  Thank you so much for this opportunity to live in this special house.  We are so excited!  Being raised in Soviet Union I only read in books about Indians.  I am very grateful for this chance to live in Iwi's house, to visit the museum of your people and to speak to some of them.  All the best to you.  Thank you for preserving the place and letting others see/live in it."  New Jersey & Israel

"Dearest Jane, there are no "perfect' words to describe our stay here.  It was relaxing, comfy, homey, magnificent (and so much more).  I overpacked by two plastic bins!! Truly you DID provide all that was needed.  The outside of the cabin reminds me (very much) of my Grandma's in SE Kentucky.  When we opened the door, the walls, ceiling, doorways, stairs and fireplace were amazing.  The "modern" touches were perfect.  Walking barefoot in the house is one of my favorite things.  Thank you so very much for a fantastic experience!!"  Plymouth, Michigan

 "Dear Arizona Jane, Thank you for sharing this wonderful cabin with us!  It's exactly what my friend and I were looking for.  My favorite part of the day was sitting on the side porch at sunrise, wrapped in a quilt, enjoying my coffee.  The peacefulness of this place is like none I've ever known.  It will be difficult to return to the hustle and bustle of my daily life,  But until then, I will enjoy my last day of peacefulness, and look forward to returning in the future."  Massachusetts and Vermont 

"Dearest Arizona Jane, Tom and I had a wonderful experience.  The Cabin is wonderful.  If we get a chance @ another vacation - we will be back!  Hugs!" - North Carolina

"This cabin was exactly what I was looking for when I planned my get away.  I told everyone that I was running away to the mountains, no kids, no husband and no dogs.  This is just what I needed.  I love this cabin and will be back soon as I can get away.  Maybe next time I'll bring my husband, maybe. haha.  I tried to leave the cabin as clean as I found it.  It had everything I needed and was very clean.  Thank you so much." - South Carolina

"Arizona Jane, thank you for everything.  Our stay was truly magical!  We loved it!  So peaceful and cozy.  We plan on coming back next October, God willing.  Love your mountains, love your community. God Bless you and the Cherokee reservation.  Just want to reiterate that the time at the cabin was special to us.  It is a special place with no signs out front to advertise like an average tourist place would do - as the people whom stay in your cabin are not average tourists.  We would like to think of ourselves as the people whom were given the gift of being able to stay in your cabin.  God is so good.  I loved just sitting out on the porches or around the fireplace in the evenings.  The Smokies were totally awesome.  Being from the islands, it was a welcome change.  Friends Forever." - The Cayman Islands

"Dear Arizona Jane - We just wanted to thank you so very much for sharing your log cabin with us.  We have to go back to "Reality" tomorrow and we'd rather stay right here!  I know we'll be back, we needed a relaxing time away and we had it, but not long enough.  I was in Cherokee as a kid and had good memories, now I have even more.  The cabin has everything and hope to be back very soon!  Thanks!" - Pennsylvania

"Dear Arizona Jane - My husband and I truly enjoyed our visit.  You have provided every need thinkable.  We utilized every room including both porches and still had a great time sight seeing.  It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.  We would certainly enjoy another visit!" - South Carolina

"Dear Arizona - My fiance & I were wanting to find a cabin in the mountains to relax for a few days before we went to visit family in NC for Thanksgiving - We found more than we even hoped for in this wonderful cabin.  From the first step that we took into the cabin, we were absolutely in love with it.  It has such a good feel to it and we can't wait to get back here.  It has been so nice to have a place to drink coffee on the porches, light a fire & cook dinner & just relax in general before the hustle & bustle that comes with a holiday with the family.  I'm positive that our time with family will be great, but I know for a fact that the part I talk more about with friends and family will be our days at Dancing Stones cabin.  Thank you for your hospitality & warmth.  It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing a piece of this land.  Hope to see you & the cabin again soon." - Kentucky

"We couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon, Arizona!  Cherokee is such a peaceful place in the off-season.  We came with big ideas about long hiking trips and driving the winding mountain roads, but in the end we found ourselves snuggled up close to the fire, playing games (Ruk-Shuk is so much fun!!) and exploring the town instead.  We had a blast.  We're already trying to figure out when we can come back again!  This cabin is enchanting, and it will surely call us back soon.  That, or a longing for fry-bread!  Thank you so much for sharing this getaway with us.  Needless to say, it has been an adventure worth remembering.  We'll be back soon!" (Created Charcoal Drawing of Elk & Mountains - now framed and hanging on cabin wall) - Tennessee

"Dear Arizona Jane, We absolutely love your rustic log cabin.  Goldie, she loved it too!  Have never had a mini-vacation and felt totally at home.  We loved listening to the rain and slept like I have not in a long time.  Can't wait to plan on coming back up here.  This has inspired us to start planning one for our new house back home.  Need to downsize.  This made us realize we could live full time in a place just a tad larger that this cabin.  I am sure you will see us soon and often, if you will have us back again.  P.S.  Left a stone token of our Thanks on the mantle.  In honor of "Dancing Stones cabin" will bring a stone from our creek to add to the fountain out front next trip.  Thanks again." - North Carolina

"It's our last morning here, as the rain falls on the trees, our hearts are sad.  Our trip here was special to us.  We have been together 5 years.  This is our first real trip.  We came to this wonderful place looking for rest and a new connection.  We have found that..the mountains call to our souls.  We hope the next guest finds their quiet in the mountains and a renewed sense of being as we have.  This is a wonderful place.  It will be hard to say goodbye to the cabin.  We will be back soon." - South Carolina

"When we planned this trip, it was an escape for us.  An escape to put our marital problems and family behind us.  But it has turned out to be so much more.  It began 2 years ago....We were already on the mend before we got here, but "Dancing Stones" has re-energized us and given us so much hope for the future.  Thank You "Dancing Stones", we were divinely guided here and will always have a love for this "Old Cabin." - Virginia

"After 10 years of dating, we decided to get married on 10-10-10.  We were looking for something real and intimate.  We got so much more.  The air, people, experiencing the culture and the reservation has brought a new realization to us about the Indians and how they have protected their world. We hope to come back with our family to make it that much more memorable.  Thank you, Ms. Jane and her mother's furry friends." - Tennessee

"We are from the Puget Sound North of Seattle.  On a 3 week Hiatus from work and have not turned on the Blackberry once!  That alone is a treat.  We flew into New Orleans, got a car and have seen lots.  Staying in State Parks that have cabins throughout Louisiana, Alabama, the Gulf Shores.  Then to Seminole Park in Georgia...From here, it's on to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry & George Jones.  Will end up flying home from Memphis, after seeing Graceland.  Thank you very much!  Weather has been spectacular and sitting here on the porch of this Old Cabin smoking a fine cigar is a special way to see the sun go down in the Smoky Mountains.  Just say NO to cell phones." - Washington

"We just found this lovely book and wanted to share our thoughts as well.  We are here for New Year's Eve, but our first visit was a month ago when I found this cabin to spend a special birthday night.  It was all we dreamed of finding.  We have been looking for a more rustic old fashioned cabin to get away in and we were so glad to find Dancing Stones.  Arizona Jane has made a lovely and peaceful Haven and I can see why people who need healing would find their way here.  For us, it was the beginning of a new adventure of a simpler way to live & find relaxation..." - North Carolina

"Our Second Trip - We arrived here shortly after a few days of snowfall.  A white Christmas for sure & Cherokee had 10 inches.  With snow still on the ground, we were welcomed into an already warm & cozy cabin.  With less than ideal weather outside, we were glad for the peace & tranquility we find here in this Old Cabin.  We love to wonder about the origins who lived within these original walls.  Rain did not totally deter us and we did venture out for a short trip to Mingus Mill & to explore a few shops in town.  But other than that, we find the quiet & even the sound of rain on the roof relaxing & just what we need to "get away" and find healthy harmony.  The stones and healing power of this room are a wonderful touch and we know that others must love the quaint appeal of this place as much as we do.  We plan to return in February." - North Carolina

"Thank you, Arizona Jane for sharing the cabin with us.  We have enjoyed our stay here and have enjoyed exploring the area.  Mingo Falls is definitely worth the climb, even for us 69 Year Olds!  You have made this "Old Cabin" into a peaceful and comfortable retreat."  Florida

"We have two words to describe "Dancing Stones" cabin.  "Totally Awesome"!!!  In this era of electronic dependence, the week has been an absolute delight.  This area reminds us of our childhoods in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.  So simple and relaxing yet so hard to find in our everyday lives.  Thank you, Ms. Blankenship.  We have enjoyed this week tremendously." - North Carolina

"Dear Arizona, When we were looking for a place to stay near the Smoky Mountains, we hoped we could find an authentic, rustic, secluded place that would allow us to be comfortable.  Your cabin turned out to be the perfect place.  This has been a very special anniversary for us.  Thank you for helping to make this possible.  We truly had a terrific time here. - Missouri

"Arizona Jane, We love your place and your space.  Our Anniversary was more that we had hoped for - and we had high expectations!  The cabin, the woods, the river, the mountains all made us feel welcome and comfortable.  Thank you and we hope to be back soon." - Missouri

"As a small token of my appreciation, I placed a flower (quilted dolly) on the mantle.  Something I pieced while enjoying the serenity of the side porch." - Kentucky

"We call our vacations "The Gause Family Adventures", and this, by far, has been the best adventure yet.  Starting with "The Dancing Stones Cabin".  We absolutely LOVE it.  We figured if we were gonna stay in the mountains, we should stay in a log cabin.  This log cabin is so very real with 150 years of memories and stories, and now, it has a Gause story.  We can't seem to pick just one thing we especially loved about it, because we loved everything!  As we ventured out into Cherokee, we found more to take back to the cabin and talk about.  The waterfalls were just beautiful and breathtaking.  We were in awe at the continuous and never ending mountains & streams & rivers.  We have made plans to return to Dancing Stones this fall.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us." - South Carolina

"Dear Arizona Jane, We wanted you to know this weekend in the cabin was perfect.  We have not had any time alone for at least 15 years.  We were so relaxed from this perfect atmosphere this cabin gives.  Thank you for all that you and your family have done to work and bring together the cabin for people such as us.  In such a busy world that we live in it is so nice to get away from it all and have a time to relax and heal.  We look forward to bringing our family.  God Bless You and Your Family!" - Florida

"Jane, Thank you for a wonderful stay.  It rained last night and cooled down, so we lit a fire in the fireplace after all.  The cabin is fascinatingly rustic, and clean & comfortable.  Thanks again." - Alabama

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful cabin. We left a dragonfly by the stone fountain as our way of Thanks." - Georgia

"Janie, Sorry I missed you.  This cabin is the Best Place I have ever stayed in.  I will come back soon." - Florida

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cabin.  All the small personal things make it so enjoyable.  I hope to come back soon." - South Carolina

"This cabin is so well equipped.  I will always remember this vacation." - Florida

"Hi, I am ten years old and this is my first time at this cabin.  I learned about a lot of other people's notes. Not that I am nosey, but just liked their words, and things to say.  I really didn't explore much of the mountains yet, but I will because this is my first day.  And it's my birthday!" - Louisiana

"All I can say at this moment is WOW!  Talk about a peaceful, easy feelin'.  This cabin is wonderful!  We leave in the morning.  I don't want to go!  We have had a most excellent adventure.  The river is beautiful.  I could sit and watch it all day.  We came for a retreat and to give our extended family time and space on their first Christmas without a beloved family member.  What we got was peace and a felling of being part of nature's wonder.  Thank you for creating this space so that we can enjoy God's great creation.  We hope to come back soon and learn more about our Native American brothers and sisters and the heritage they seem to have preserved.  Love & Peace.  P.S. I love the quilts!"  - Brandon, Mississippi 

"We had a wonderful time here and we can't wait to come back. This vacation was long overdue. Love this cabin. Thank you, Ms. Jane." - North Carolina

"Jane, We couldn't have spent our 1st anniversary at a better place.  This cabin was the perfect place to reconnect with each other away from the hustle of our life back home.  I've always said that I want to move to the mountains and now I know where.  The people of Cherokee are some of the friendliest people we have met.  It was good to meet you.  The church is beautiful both inside and out.  We have already talked about coming back for many more anniversaries." - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Dear Arizona Jane, my wife and I sincerely enjoyed our stay hear at Dancing Stones!  The memories and healing we are leaving with will forever be a part of our lives as we grow old together!  We shall return and cannot thank you enough for your warmth, kindness and hospitality." - Georgia

"We have enjoyed our stay here at Dancing Stones.  The pictures on your website were beautiful but do not compare to what I saw when we walked thru the door.  The cabin is breathtaking.  You have made this such a perfect getaway!  Each thing in the cabin is so thoughtfully placed.  We plan to come back - hopefully, just us 2 next time.  Our son loved the loft!!  Thank you for making this a special family mini-vacy for us!" - Elberton, Georgia

"Stay #4 - Thank you for another wonderful vacay.  We look forward to this every year.  And every year we wish we could stay forever. This is truely God's Country." - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"Well here it is our last full day at Cherokee.  I hate to see it end.  This has been what we needed.  Rest, Relax and Unwind.  We love this cabin.  It brings out the best in us.  It was so good to see you and talk with you again.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come back.  Take care and God Bless You." - Shelby, North Carolina

"Dear Arizona Jane, when we saw your cabin on-line, we thought, how cool!!  But when we saw it in person, it was simply amazing!  so beautiful and perfect for our family get away.  We just loved being here and hated to leave.  We will be back!  Thank you so much for sharing it with us.  It will be a vacation that will always be a part of us.  Thank you again.  God Bless."  Wilmington, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for everything, the cabin was amazing and all that we could ask for.  The whole family loved everything about it and can't wait to come back again.  Maybe next visit we can meet in person.  We absolutely loved it.  Thanks again."  North Carolina

"Arizona Jane, we loved your cabin.  It was so peaceful and perfect.  It was exactly the retreat we needed and hoped for.  It was nice to meet you the 1st night and for you to make sure the lights were on for us so we didn't arrive at a dark cabin.  You have made this place a peaceful oasis.  I'll never forget this week."

"Arizona, just a quick Thank You.  The cabin is great.  We really loved our stay and enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to experience your cabin.  I have a very busy life and work way too many hours.  Usually after staying away from home for one night I begin to feel anxious about all the things that are waiting for me at home.  My husband asked me tonight if I was ready to go home and for once in a very long time, I am not.  We enjoyed out time here on the reservation.  I hope to return in the future.  I even think I would benefit from coming back alone to have time to meditate and get to know my inner self again.  Thank you so much." 

"Jane, Thank you for the great week we had here at this cabin.  It was very relaxing and peaceful.  Really enjoyed sitting on the porch in the evenings.  All the shopping and visiting the falls, Indian Village was exhausting, but to be able to come back here to the cabin was so relaxful.  You have a great cabin.  I am glad that my first trip to the Smokies included staying in this cabin.  Thanks so much for this special and spiritual place.  We enjoyed this quiet place the entire time we were here.  The Dancing Stones rock lamps and the waterfall fountain outside are so mystical.  May you continue to enjoy sharing this special place with many guests." Joliet, Illinois (08/2016). 

"Put feet up, rock-n-rockers, look at beautiful moutains, make fire-n-fireplace, eat-n-eat-n-eat-n-eat-ex., sleep-n-sleep-ex., enjoy cabin.  Thank you again-Until we meet again." Lincolnton, North Carolina (09/2016)

"Jane, this is our first time staying in a cabin.  I want you to know that we truly love it.  It is so peaceful here, so homely.  Thank you for sharing such an awesome place with us.  We love it and we will be back." Timpsonville, South Carolina (09/2016)



Cherokee Indian Historic Log Cabin
Cherokee Indian Historic Log Cabin

Dancing Stones Log Cabin.  Seven Pine Tree Drive.  P.O. Box 289, Cherokee, North Carolina 28719

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